Friday, February 4, 2011

take a vote.

hey guys,
happy chinese new year! 
the weather in sydney's crazy, but it's nothing we should be complaining about considering what's going on just slightly north in queensland.
so as with chinese tradition, i did get some pocket money from family + friends, and i'm just figuring out that i want to invest in another lomo with a proportion of it...
and i need a job. fast.
 so i currently have a diana f+ clone [[cmyk]] pictured above...
and i'm considering either a sprocket rocket or a fisheye 2.
so which one's better? i'm leaning toward the fisheye 2, but i'm really just looking for a camera that'll take 35mm film to make my life a little easier.




Free ♥ (Off Trend) said...

I love you camera at the moment, it' so colourful. But I prefer the fisheye.


Channy said...

love the cameras, lovely blog, following
thanks for your comment

Klara - Bernadette said...

the first one is absoulutly fantastic! xoxo k

black cat said...

i love the fish eye ! x

pan.xx said...

i have no idea about cameras. i just smile and nod at the salesperson trying to explain aperture to me. but then just press auto... i'd go for the fish-eye simply based on the cool name :)
thanks for visiting my blog

Dylana Suarez said...

Happy Chinese New Year! I am half Chinese and will be celebrating in Chinatown today!


Margaret said...

going to say sprocket rocket because i'm biased :D freaking. awesome. xx

Milly said...

love love looooveeeeeeeeeee

I love your blog! I'm following!

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Lilly said...

thanks for visiting my blog!you were the first to give a comment! and you have a great blog too
I was really obsessed with Lomo LC-A+ for a long time so it's great to see other lomography cameras here! :D