Tuesday, June 8, 2010

first outfit post.

1*black auroville knit
2*lace tights
3*pete collection white tank top
4*i love billy blaster boots.

xx rena.


eugenialejos said...

holaa! soy la primera!!:)
me encanta el outfit;) te sigo:)
tu primera seguidora:)

CHAMANDA said...

hi! love your tights!

MeetMeOnTheRunway said...

lovin the outfit. simple but effective.

patterned tights ROCK.. so does your jumper, where'd you get it???

just joined your blog. am interested to see what other funky outfits you got to show :)

The feather fleurette said...

I love your sweater...where is it from???

my name is ChloƩ said...

Loving your lil dress. Where is it from? Your cute :)