Friday, June 18, 2010


not only is it a good song by passion pit, i'm also a tad tired today. so yes, i will be going off to bed right now.. it's 5:55 pm. joy. [[let's dance to joy division, a good song by the wombats.]]
photo of the wombats found on google
how's everyone's fridays? mine's been a tad hectic, but it also means i have no assessments left. just a darn science project. ehhh i've got the weekend.. but mold grows at an.. unknown rate. listen to the mentioned songs above, hope you'll enjoy them. getting a good dose of the RHCP too.

xx rena.

be expecting an outfit post when i wake up! whenever that will be..


Widanastri Nawastika said...

thanks for your comment wanna follow me back? ;)by the way i follow your blog! xoxo, nastri

ClĂ udia said...

Good song!! i wanna spend my weekend, singing and dancing... I want a WILD party with friends!


Dodo said...

I love that song! And their messy hair is fun!

Margaret said...

love it :)