Tuesday, June 22, 2010

new music. [and 2 weeks down the road]

hey guys. so today marks the 2 weeks since i've restarted my blog. and it's doing well! thankyou for your support.
over the past two days i've acquired some amazing music. 
something old, something borrowed and something new. how amazingly inspirational is the pixies album art? it makes my head swirls with ideas.

old: found infinity on high, fall out boy. at times i still enjoy rocking out to them, it brings back memories from when i first got the cd a few years ago. it has some crazy cool album cover.

borrowed: best of oasis from whatmore. [[oscar]]. one day, i hope to be able to play every part in wonderwall.

new: bought radiohead:  pablo honey + pixies: surfer rosa and come on pilgrim, + radiohead: ok computer [[from whatmore]]. updated band linkies, guys.

xx rena. how's everyone's week coming along? nicely?

all photos found on google search.


Jess said...

woooo, radiohead!

minnja said...

Great taste, I love Oasis <3


Anonymous said...

i like Oasis and radiohead♥:) and thank you for your cute comment!

Bianca said...

Great taste in music & lovely blog! X


rebecca said...

I love the Pixies, good choice!



hey thanks for your comment babe :)
i cant say i've ever REALLY listened to all that music LOL. but i think i might be tempted to since you posted about it. :)

much love,
(ctrl + ♥)