Sunday, June 13, 2010

bad blogger, + change.

yes.. this is just a picture i found on google, sorry for the pathetic-ness

ahhhh, the wonders of alliteration.. and yes, i have been. i went on my duke of edinburgh expedition. that was some kind of crazy involving a freak tide flood in the middle of the night where everyone ended up having to evacuate their tents and drag them 100 m. oh, and it was about 0 degrees at night. fun fun fun.
 and yes, some people did manage to get completely saturated, i guess i was a lucky one. perhaps i would've seen this coming had i read my horoscope prior to going on the camp. but i suppose it was a surprise. the stars out of the city are so amazing, the whole sky was twinkling. with dear lily we began to sing the lyrics to 'Yellow' by Coldplay, just the first phrases.. don't judge me! 

"look at the stars,
look how they shine for you,
and everything you do,
and it was all yellow..."

so there's a bit of inspiration for you!

anywho, i apologise for not posting.
oh, and i got a new canon 550D [[i.e. canon rebel t2i]] this weekend (: will be sharing with the sister, however she probably still enjoys mother's canon 5D mark ii more.

 hope you're all having a lovely weekend!

note: i changed my header!
xx rena.

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Glenn.o.Photography said...

ohhh canon dslr's eh? get your hands on them as much as you can! and I'm liking you page setup too - i can't be bothered changing mine.

My emphasis is more on the photography:
{one sentence explanation}

and I'm following too - feel free to return!