Sunday, June 13, 2010


hey guys,
this is like, my 3rd post in one day, but that's all cool because no one's really reading.. i feel a bit spasticated and cold. i just flicked the heater next to me on. because i'm cool like that. [[+ i also could've done that ages ago]]. umm. awesome? 
yes. i'm having a party tomorrow. to celebrate dear queen elizabeth's birthday. i think. no it's just a whole bunch of people at my house. which should be.. who knows, some of them i've only met once. quite dangerous. thinking about it now, somebody could be tracking my i.p. address and finding out where i live. like abby can do on ncis. she's my idol. 
it's ok, i rather do this than keep a diary, it's easier to type when your hands are cold. well, easier to type than write. 
so yes, i'm just blogging because i'd like to make a comment regarding colloquial language. note all that use of it in the first paragraph? [[because i'm cool like that?]]
yeah, i reckon the most prominent of my pet hates is lol. i'm not even used to typing it. do i sound cynical? meh. and the over-use of 'like' 'like this like that like, omygod, like did you hear about like..' LIKE GO AWAY.
yes, this is no longer a real fashion blog. it is also a life blog of ramblings. and my love for ncis. and hilar-being a cool term and a short version of having to type hilarity, because hilarious just doesn't cut it anymore.

speaking of which.. this is quite hilar, can you believe it exists? it reminds me of myself. ha, i just lol-ed. ew [[another one]]

xx rena. 
oh, and yes, i'm wearing green jeans at the moment, and flicking through the new resort 2011 that's coming through. 

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