Wednesday, June 16, 2010


looking at these pictures i got off, some photos taken by a family friend, and the new resort collections, has got me thinking perhaps after july 15th [[the birthday]], spring should just come calling and have us all nice and warm again? selfish, perhaps? although i do enjoy winter fashion. maths assessment tomorrow! busy! 20 followers in about a week, thanks for the support guys!

1-3*Alexander Wang Resort 2011.
4-6*Bonnaroo Festival, Manchester [[]]
7-8*Photography by Albert [[wish i had the talent]]

xx rena.

*edit. just realised i chose relatively similar looks by alexander wang. woops.


ClĂ udia said...

Thanks for your comment! =)
But you should tell Coco Chanel, hahaha, great words of her.
After seeing your pictures, I just want to go to Bonnaroo Festival


Cath said...

i love the look of the 5th photo

wobblinbetty said...

I love the last two images, they are sooo summertime!
I am really looking forward to spend some time on holiday!
love xxx

Anonymous said...

wow, whichever were done by your family friend, they are very talented - all the photos are gorgeous.
a really good combination. i'm pining for heat and waves and summer now...

Ellen at The Raven and the Cellar Door

Viviana* said...

nice pictures!

outtaspace said...

wow last 2 pictures have blown my mind... AMAZING, i'm following, hope you' visit my blog too!