Sunday, June 20, 2010


ok, so i lied. i'll be putting up my outfit post in about 30 minutes. i just wanted to share with you a couple of photos from my half day at the markets yesterday. i hope you enjoy them! oh, and at the markets, i found radiohead's amnesiac album in mint condition, for just $5!
very happy with it.
just note that i've turned the saturation and contrast completely down. it's kinda a new obsession and experimental. thanks guys for 30 followers in a week and a half, keep reading!

xx rena. how's everyone's weekends?


Widanastri Nawastika said...

i already follow you, nice photos ;) wanna follow me back? :D xoxo, nastri

Zuzia said...

oh! i love places like this.

Ally said...

fierce blog!
i like your style.I've become a follower!
make sure u ebter my giveaway!


wonderful blog! what a lovely purchase :)

mustbedreaming said...


Anonymous said...

Oh I love those bags ! I've been looking for ones just like those. I love markets, but Vancouver doesn't really have any distinct or interesting ones.