Monday, June 14, 2010

high-pitched phenomenon.

so today one of my friends who listens to mainstream music told me there's another high-pitched phenomenon kid on the block. cody simpson. and his song called iYiYi? with flo-rida? what is this? some constantly growing crazy collaboration between black rapper/singers and white high-pitched boys? [[that was in no way intentionally racist, just saying]].
however, the hilarity of the situation is that both my friend and i thought cody simpson was about the same age as justin bieber. we found out that he is in fact 13, and so his high pitched voice is explainable. this got me thinking, now that it's acceptable for 16 year olds to sound like girls, it means that the music industry is just going to get younger and younger? this also means less crazy fan girls focused on real talent. like muse/radiohead

now let's see the similarities between cody simpson and justin bieber[[what i know, which is a tad limited]]

1*their high pitched voices
2*their collaborations with african-american black rappers of sufficient fame to have crazy screaming fan girls aged about 3-17 crazy for them
3*they were both found on youtube
4*they both have the backwards-lid look
5*they both have that. 'hair'

their differences

1/*we're unsure of whether justin bieber has gone through puberty or not, whereas knowing cody simpson is only 13 means he definitely hasn't.
2*bieber is brunette. simpson is blonde.
3*simpson is australian. bieber, american.

so the verdict for me, although i do not listen to their music, is that..

cody simpson is better! he's australian and has managed to branch out to the states etc, and i just think he's better looking? plus he's good at the guitar.. so is bieber. wouldn't know. don't care so much either. however they are just too similar in everything they do, congratulations australia for producing our answer to bieber. just calling out to the mother country [[great britain]] for theirs!

i just had to post about this, didn't i? have i been struck with bieber fever? no. because i don't know what they sing.. and i didn't know who cody simpson was until about 5 minutes ago.

xx rena. [[yes, i type fast]]

please note: everything i've typed is subjective, please don't feel offended in any way, i just found it an amusing topic.

both photos found on google.

*edit, friend just told me bieber is canadian, not american. woops.


ritamartins said...

thank you 8D

Lane :) said...

i know. i don't know why justin beiber is teaming up with all these african american rappers. i'm pretty sure that they're not friends in real life. and recording with beiber probably does noting for their street cred. but its whatever...

Glenn.o.Photography said...

oh god. not another bieber belieber. can his successor please make a fool of himself and walk into another glass door??

Kate said...

Love your blog.
I follow you, wish you follow me! :)

the Citizen Rosebud said...

Thank you for visiting my blog. I'd be happy to exchange "follows" with you!

Joana Malagueira said...

Thank you so much, my dear.
Follow me too!


Sara Lynn said...

I don't know enough to chime in on this topic, but whoever that is going to grow up to be cute!

Hannah Mae said...

This was fantastic, I didn't even know there was another young singer that I'm going to have to hear about for months on end.