Tuesday, June 8, 2010

i tried so hard, and got so far, but in the end, it doesn't really matter.

i could've died. but i didn't. today, the worst day of all, i was not only sick in bed but also accidentally deleted my old blog, which i had only been writing for a mere 3 months and had worked so hard to get 64 followers. sorry to start the first post on a sad note, but hey. some of you may know it, it was innocentbirdy.blogspot.com-meh, this is a fresh breath of air, and i hope to get something else out of this now.

so a little bit about how i got the blog name, well, i'm born on the 15th of july, which makes me a cancer, and cancerians are known as moonchildren.

so you might recognise the post title as the lyrics of linkin park's song, in the end. funny thing, i didn't have that many followers, but i did have 40 + posts i'd like to get back.

hey, at least it was sunny for the first time in a few weeks today.

xx rena.


miss anonymous. said...

Sad to hear of the freak accident :(

Good luck building it back up! :)

xx miss anonymous.

MeetMeOnTheRunway said...

hey rena, was totally shattered when I read your initial post so I did a lil love job for you on my blog. hopefully it will help you get some numbers up on your friends list.


don't stress.

my name is ChloƩ said...

I wish you a very good restrat with that blog. Thank you for your lil comments. Maybe we can follow each other. I'm going to visit your all blog!

mashi said...

That's sad to hear and I know how you feel about losing all your old posts. I nearly did that once with my old blog *yikes*

Anyways, good luck restarting your blog. I'm sure it'll get back to what it was once you keep blogging.

Little Girl Lost said...

i stumbled across your blog the other day, and just wanted to say it is such an inspiration! i hope you can check mine out too