Sunday, June 27, 2010

my kids.

what i've been up to in my holidays so far. my kids: aka. my friends, like one big happy family. the photos are taken by miscellaneous members of the kids, while we sat and watched clerks and spongebob, listened to crazy good music, talked, laughed, loved, and most importantly lived. crazy kids? warm blankets? curling up? copious amounts of baked goods? winter holidays, thankyou. 
and eeyore on my head.
the aperture is a bit low, the lighting is weird, it's the memories, but it's something i want to remember. 

xx rena.

i'm wearing [what you can see]
1*a lovely blue knit from Junk Clothing
2*necklace from Glebe Markets

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-marta said...

cuute necklace!
I really like your blog, and I'll definitely follow it! :)