Wednesday, September 8, 2010

one cool kid.

daniel johns. he has got to be one of my major idols.
i mean, he and his band [[Silverchair]] started out at 15.
hold on. i don't mean the started out at 15, their career as a band did. no, they got together as
12 year olds and practiced like crazy, until they won a competition on SBS for their song 'Tomorrow'
[[if you're listening, yeah, the boy could sing like that at 15]] he's now 31 and still rocking out in the same pants, with the same talent.
this prompts one big string of thoughts:
i'm 15! what am i doing that's particularly productive? nothing much...
i wish i could do something cool right now.
something so awesome, and inspiring it'll make a difference.
so, there's my goal. but here's the glitch:
to be achievable, a goal needs to analysis at all angles. 

what exactly will i do?
when will i complete it?
what skill do i need? [[i.e. how?]]

i mean, sure, i may take inspiration from everywhere, but it's kind of hard to wake up and
realise your life purpose. i want to make music. but hello, how on earth am i supposed to get there?
i want to be a photographer, someone tell me how. i've done all this research on the 
internet, wondering how i'm supposed to get anywhere. being 15 may have its restrictions, but
not enough to stop me from doing something real. now i just have to find it.

daniel johns; he looks rather crazy. but as an angsty teenager, i fully comprehend his facial expressions
pictures found on google image search


br03d said...

love love love him! :D


Gorgeous blog.
I just did the same goal analysis last night... Determination is key.

-marta said...

adore him :)

Cynthia said...

I love it!
Your blog is amazing!


great blog header. i love daniel johns too! come follow me xxo