Tuesday, September 7, 2010

fourteenth outfit post.

i don't like flash...excuse the blurriness
camera didn't work for me today.
my face didn't work for me today.
the sun set quickly today.
stayed home today. 
i guess painting helped a lot. *art therapy*
i'm wearing...
1*floral dress from father
2*i love billy shoes
3*random bangles
4*vintage bag i found

i'm being rather whiney lately, sorry about that...
oh, and apologies for the low-res looking photos. they were shot on the Canon 550D, i guess the breeze went a little crazy, and i refused to use flash, so the ISO was up a bit too high...therefore,
noise! [[and photos that look like they were taken on my phone]



Romance Is Boring said...

Thankyou for following me; I've returned the favour... love your blog!

Your outfit is so sweet, that bag is beautiful.

And yay for liking the same music! Pixies <3



*claudia* said...

lovely <3

selim köroglu said...

thx for coment ur blog is so cool i follow u hope u follow to me


Anonymous said...

I love ur blog!!!!And i love this dress! Now i follow you,maybe you follow me too?
kisses ana


Mia's Little Corner said...

This is such a lovely dress:)

Thanks for your nice comment:) I'd love you to stop by very soon again or if you like: Follow me:)

Have a nice day:)


sian l-b said...

i hate using flash too! the dress still looks very pretty, despite your camera issues xx

^ check out my blog guys :)

Anonymous said...

thanks for your comment & cute dress <3
hmm i don't know what you mean
explain me again :)

Clémence L. said...

Thank you for your comment . :)
I like your dress, so cool ! I'm looking for a similar but it's without results...

A. said...

lovely dress!

Nicole Trundle said...

What a beautiful dress, from your father you say, how delicious. I know you say you dont like the blurred affect, but I think it works really nicely <3


*this daisy said...

Aww I really dislike flash as well! Hehe.

You look gorgeous, darling! And your dress is, too! I love all things floral. xx