Wednesday, September 29, 2010

about time.

claudia + edwina on art camp
i realise i haven't posted any 5-song playlists recently. 
i generally don't really have a theme for my playlists, [[i.e. genre, idea, motif]] i don't know why. i think it's more of a spur-of-the moment, what do i really like at the moment type of thing... i might try a theme today. 
the love's gone for a week or so, so i'll be blogging a bit more, perhaps... and working. 

1*time-pink floyd
2*when i come around-green day
3*last night-carolina liar
5*a dustland fairytale-the killers


hope you enjoyed the few photos of life in general
life's a party. live it.

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pascale said...

I really love your blog <3 The pictures are just so beautiful and inspiring :) xxxx