Wednesday, September 1, 2010

brand: Secret Squirrel.

i simply cannot get over Secret Squirrel. and that's that. 
ever stumbled upon a line of clothing you wish never ended? for me, that brand would be Secret Squirrel. [[the flow of the fabric is just right]]
when something just hits the perfect balance for you, and you're suddenly overwhelmed with obsession? that's what i'm talking about when it comes to Secret Squirrel. the fact that the brand is Sydney based, and that the designers in fact started at Glebe Markets, a market i'm very familiar with [[in fact i've had a stall there multiple times]], just adds bonus brownie points.
perhaps if you aren't getting my meaning, you should see for yourself. 

i'd also like to say a big thank you to all of you lovely followers, because the moonchild has just hit...

100 followers! [[+2 now]]

i'm so happy there are so many of you out there who support me, my writing, my ramblings and my amateur attempts at fashion blogging, which hopefully will be well, not-so-amateur after this great feat. [[note the sarcasm..]] -insert smiley, which looks weird italic, the reason i don't put smileys although i'd really love to-
this month i have a couple of band interviews for you guys, many more much needed outfit posts, more playlists, and hopefully more inspiration, [[starting with Secret Squirrel]]
oh, and it's one of my best friends, Jemma's birthday today. so, happy birthday Jemma!

happy spring, southern hemisphere children! 

i'd very much like to own all of these... and many many more, i assure you, i saved every single one of their looks, and can't help flicking through them in class...


pipmarshall said...

i love all these new and upcoming australian labels!

pip xox

Dee O. said...

these clothes look so beautiful :) i love simple pieces and these are simple yet extremely chic!

feel free to check out my blog:

Fashion-rocks said...

love the 3rd outfit.

Jessica said...

amazing collection! i want the whole line