Sunday, September 5, 2010

got killed by ten million pounds of sludge.

crap, this photo is too cute for its own good

so you can probably figure out by the title this is not the "long awaited" outfit post.
in fact, this is going to be some kind of a rant. a vent, perhaps, and if you choose to read, then read on?
i'm annoyed. why?
because recently, i downloaded the free 4 track sampler for the Pixie's Doolittle 20th Anniversary Concert. [[clickety here to get to the website and do the same]]
and every time i listen to them live, i die a little inside. 
why? because, in march this year, i missed out on their concert to australia. and i seriously, i kid you not, want to turn back time. i'm beyond frustrated and i just have to say:

i f*cking love the Pixies. 
[[no matter how ironic it is that i missed their concert]]

so yes, this is going to turn into a 5-track-mix-post now.

1*gouge away-pixies
2*no cigar-millencolin
3*the headmaster ritual-the smiths
4*monkey gone to heaven-pixies

how was everyone's weekends?



Vicky K. said...

of course I check yours... which lenses do you have.
btw this picture is so cute!!!

(new post: 1st Video | ...and I'm off again! & follow me)

Ania said...

This picture is great!!

elle said...

Sorry that you missed the Pixies; I hope you get to see them perform one day though...

My weekend was full of errands and chores - ironically, the weekday is less hectic; so here I am blog-hopping, and am glad to have stumbled upon your delighful place here; awesome circle header! It's refreshing to see people's corner of the world through their corner of the web :-)