Saturday, September 4, 2010

random harvest.

starring: greer garson, ronald colman.
i watched this movie tonight. it was a work of art. i absolutely loved it, circularity being the main theme.
it tells the story of a man who lost his memory during world war 1, and a music hall dancer who found him on the streets of melbridge... and that's all i'll leave you with. oh, keep a look out for the
 book as well.
you must watch this 1942 classic. closer to the end you'll see greer garson donning a lovely fur coat. and ronald colman is absolutely amazing in it, especially at the beginning.



The-Chanel-Girl said...

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Mehak said...

Thanx for your comment on my little blog. Your blogs really cute..i love watching old classic following

Jayvee D. said...

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Sarah said...

Oh I've loved Greer Garson ever since I watched Goodbye Mr Chips as a little kid. I haven't seen this one though... I must get it online or something!