Tuesday, September 28, 2010

clichéd crossed the line.

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so i've probably brought this up before, and i don't think i created quite enough of a stir. 
as the title of this post suggests, i am once again going to comment on the disturbing amount of reblogging done over there at tumblr. 
the original idea of having, writing and creating a blog was to have people contribute their individual thoughts and ideas to the internet, where it could be accessed by a wider, international audience. 
so tumblr, i ask you. why allow the reblog button? what spurred such an idea? you've automatically allowed thoughts and created ideas like:

"i don't need to take my own photos, i'll just reblog them off someone else's tumblr"
"it doesn't matter if i reblog this photo off this tumblr, it's just a click away"
"i'm allowed to do this, i don't care, it looks cool"

the result you get is:

a generation trained to tolerate plagiarism, and are uncreative 
[[i know there are also millions of you who are a testament to this statement]] 
and no longer aspiring to create because they can just use someone else's work and claim it as original.
already i see those who post original work annoyed and requesting others to delete reblogged posts, 
or photos. 
so truth is, the internet was created for faster, efficient communication of ideas and messages. 
but what messages are we sending  by reposting sh*tloads of photos of girls smoking, wearing less than decent clothing, sick on the side of the road, and allowing so many tumblr urls to involve some kind of swear word [[sorry about my previous one]]. simply, these teenage girls are desensitising themselves to certain ideas that are just immoral, yet they are so overexposed it's simply "ok" to be so.  
am i going to sit here and permit ideas to pass by? no. 
so here's my little input. just wanted to say something before someone decides to click that button mindlessly.

[[i mean honestly, i see girls at school [[and if you're not sure how a apple mac works, go to your local mac store]], just scrolling through tumblr and dragging the photos onto their desktop, and subsequently posting them one by one and creating a jam of the same photos]]
i only follow around 35 people on tumblr, and yet i see the exact same photos in the same cycle, on the same day, all over the place. [[but i also follow the likes of community [[the tv show]], some of my friends, [[i.e. calvin + hobbes, you'll meet her soon]], and others.
so tell me that fashion, and photography, music, and art are circular.
that appropriation is, well, appropriate. and taking inspiration from other material isn't unfair. 
but this is too much.
all in all, i blog because i hope to inspire. 

and here's an ugly word to describe this situation/idea/rant/thought of mine:



do you think this phase will last? or is blogging/tumblr for these teenage girls [[not necessarily]]
 [[haha, this is so ironic]]
just a passing fad?


Anonymous said...

i think that bloggers who arent really interested into blogging, who arent really loving what they are doing, they will stop blogging after some months, because people won't follow them & they will notice that it is a lot of work to blog regulary.
so many new blogs are coming but many "old" blogs are going. and the ones who take other pictures and who dont bring their own ideas into their blog.. they will loose interest too.
but i also think that we shouldnt take blooging soo serious, because it is "just" a hobby. so if some enjoy taking the pictures of others & reblogging them, let them do it. like i said, i dont think that they will enjoy blogging for so long, if they keep it this way.

Anna Katrina said...

love the photos and that you are doing what you love

stop by sometime<3

Luca Belotti said...

Hey cool blog!
Please visit my blog and tell me what you think about. I hope you'll be one of my followers.

Bye LB


Lia Waroka Putri said...

yes Im with you..somehow I dont know why people say they're really interested in a subject (lets say fashion for example) but they dont show the good qualities in their posts. However, blogging need real joys and excitements, which make ours more original and cool! barbiejunk