Saturday, September 11, 2010


monochromatic 1.
why 1? it's my favourite colour scheme. each of these pieces are serious wants.
so i finally got round to doing something.
what is time consuming and somewhat intriguing on a saturday night, and may just up my fashion insight? polyvore, of course.
i fill my sets with monochromatic stuff i love, because frankly, i wish i owned all of these.
then i could layer like a crazy motherf**ker. [[that was uncalled for]]

anywho, hope this inspires you!


sorry about the posts [[or lack thereof]], i've been really run-down and tired recently, and crammed with schoolwork, nonsensical thoughts, and music/sleep deprivation. not too fabulous a mixture, one may say.


Josie carr said...

Love the shirt <3

take a look at my giveaway if you have time :)

Vickie said...

Gorgeous colour palette! I totally agree with you, there are some seriously lust-worthy pieces in your set! I want those shorts... Great blog! Thanks for inviting me to check it out- following you now!

Happy Blogging,

Nádia said...

I love grey, black and white sooo much!

Anonymous said...

I Love All of those pieces! Layering is amazing!


terry. said...

Very nice...

and...I dont no :D I am silly :D

Mars said...

This reminds me of the things I pack when I travel :)
And hey, sorry for the late reply. I haven't updated my blog for a while.
By the way, where did you do the fashion peg? I really like it!
Plus, I'm dying where I can find a simple white button down shirt. *sigh*

Nataliexxx said...

craving every item in this post... *drools*

Fickle Cattle said...

gorgeous. i love monochromatic ensembles.

Wingy said...

amazingg; i love layering too ^^ (which is why i like winter better than summer, haha ;$) and black-white-gray is always great (: nice combination, it looks so comfyyyy !

popdisorder said...