Friday, September 3, 2010

interview: The Frail Marys.

So recently I sent Brisbane-based band, The Frail Marys, a couple of questions regarding the band/their music, and here are there answers! Their music is raw, strong, and reminiscent of names such as Millencolin, the Pixies, and even Blink-182. I suppose I was impressed upon seeing the awesomest list of inspiration, so here you go...
1*How were The Frail Marys first conceived?
The Frail Marys were conceived when William (Liam), met James (Jamie) who was standing outside a yuppie den wearing a Dead Kennedys shirt, looking confused and completely like a fish out of water after being forced out of the venue by stern looks of disapproval due to his apparel. A conversation ensued about music and it was decided we should start playing together immediately. We were joined six months later by Tim on bass and rehearsed with a few desperados on drums and were predictably abandoned by them one by one until we found Kai to complete the line up. It has been bliss ever since.
2*How would you describe your work?
Our work is rather raw, disorganised, passionate, sincere, diverse garage music.
3*Where do you see The Frail Marys in 2-5 years time?
I see the Frail Marys hopefully supporting You Am I and touring non-stop on an independent label. Hopefully.
4*What kind of message do you want your music to convey?
That you don't have to wear spray on jeans, sport labyrinth inspired haircuts and incorporate 10 synths and 20 samplers into a group in order to get people to shake it.
5*Any other hobbies outside making music?
Knitting, cooking, fantasising, walking, reading etc.
6*Who/What are your influences?
We are mainly influenced by groups as diverse as the Pixies, the Saints, Scratch Acid, the Scientists, the Cruel Sea, Blur, ELO, The Smiths, Janes Addiction, Nirvana, Syd Barrett, You Am I, Pete Doherty, Dusty Springfield, Motown, the Velvet Underground, Jim Morrison's blatant disregard for his good looks and health.
7*When did you start playing your instruments?
I started playing guitar around 2004, Jamie started playing guitar around 2000, Tim started playing bass around 2007 and Kai has been playing drums since the womb.
8*How did you come up with the name of your band? I was raised an Irish Catholic and thought it was cheeky play on words. No sac religious intent by the way.
9*Our last interviewee, Denis, of Pensive Penguin, would like to ask…who is your favourite mythological character and why?
My personal favourite mythological creature would have to be the Siren (Seirenes) or Naiads who in Greek mythology would lure sailors and their ships into rocks by singing. It was said that if their calls were not heeded by the sailors, they would kill themselves out of shame.
10*Do you have a random question for the next band?
To the next interviewee, who would you rather see set on fire? Luke Perry, Jason Priestly, Brian Austin Green or Ian Ziering?
photos taken from their facebook page

i'm not even kidding you right now. if you're looking for some fresh sounds, and like me enjoy the artists listed above, i'm telling you right now: you will be impressed. 
check them out here and tell me what you think.
how was everyone's week?
to tell you the truth, i'm on the brink of extreme exhaustion, and currently not even looking at anything fashion related. no, dearies, far far from that. at the moment i am...

looking at spongebob merchandise on ebay. what has my life become? but no, i do sincerely love spongebob.
have an awesome weekend, and i'll be posting something exciting/outfit-related saturday/sunday, depending on how my time goes.


oh, and kate moss ending the deal with topshop? woah..


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