Sunday, September 26, 2010


hey guys!
i'm back! -insert gasp- [[i hope]]
so there are a few things that have happened over the past two weeks. it's almost exactly two weeks since i last blogged. 13 days off, but i'm doing this at night, and i'm not sure whether that counts for anything. 
first of all, how is everybody?
 i'm feeling rather random, perhaps a little confused/lost/not sure [[see what i mean?]] 
well, i went to the circus on the 17th. the Great Moscow Circus, which arrived in town recently. it was pretty spectacular and a nice way to end the school term before we all headed off to camp. 
these colours were unintentional, but oh how lovely they are

two days later, i boarded a bus which i would then spend the next ten hours of my life in. 
oh, joy. it was a strange trip, and thinking back to it now, i don't really remember much. i savoured my music. it wasn't really my music, but it was my friend's iPod, which i had previously synced my music library with. i savoured the food i was cramming into my mouth, knowing full well the next 6 days involved ingredients such as powdered milk, microwave rice [[which was cooked/charred in a wok]], salami, cheese, etc. [[so looking back on it now, they're not so bad]]
during the week we climbed rocks while carrying 20kg packs, which consisted of everything we were to sleep in, wear, eat, drink, and cook with. oh, and climb with. 
the water we drank was retrieved from wherever possible, and on one night we even ran out. 
hiking through bushes while countless branches scratched your skin raw. the unbelievably searing pain running through your legs.
silly ones, this is exactly why i chose to participate in this camp! 
56 kilometres of sheer will power. did i mention it was all along the Victorian coast? pretty darn adventurous. so while i may seem like i'm whining, or complaining, [[and by the way, i have reason to be doing so, i still cannot walk properly]], it was pretty much one of the best experiences i've had.
i learnt to deal with different characters, with perception and with challenge. 
in the end, i may just will definitely choose to do something as crazy as the past week again. 
and by the way, miley cyrus, it's not always an uphill battle. sorry to have to break it to you, but there comes a real problem when you're at risk of tumbling to certain death falling/slipping/sliding onto a mass of rocks from the top of a sandy hill. 
if you thought Bondi Beach was a hike on a Sunday morning, you just try hiking along this beach, [[i.e. the one we did]], interpreting the map incorrectly, and subsequently realising you'd covered about 3cm, rather than 10. [[this translates to: you've done 3km, not 10km, and you still have another 17 to go]]. 
anybody else out there tried wandering aimlessly in a river for 2km, trying to find the shallowest route to take? loved it.
so the moral of this "story" is, nothing. but i must tell you all, i now truly understand the meaning of "Where is My Mind"- Pixies. i almost lost my mind hiking endlessly along the beach on that last day, and it was the only song running through my head while doing so. my head really did almost collapse with nothing in it. 

[[sorry about the text heavy post, i hope you enjoy the pretty colours of the pictures]]
*this begs the question* why didn't i just set up a post queue? i guess i was a bit busy. if the photos from the disposable turn out somewhat awesome, which is what i'm hoping for, i'll scan them for you guys.
enjoy your weekend/hope yours was excellent (:

did i mention i'm finally on holiday? wooh! today the love + i took a ridonculously 
[[that's not a real word, international readers :D]] awesome trip down to the...
you guessed it...
being 15 we did what all 15 year olds do: build sand castles, eat mint/choc chip ice-cream, dig sand holes and bury each other. no photos though.
-jaw drop-

all original photography, by me.

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