Monday, September 6, 2010

knuckle sandwich.

taking a selfy of a hand is no simple feat
so today i found the charger for the camera. i once again did not have time to
shoot the outfit post i wanted to, sadly.
why is that? i had to sort out my wardrobe for spring. and let me tell you now, there are items in there i forgot i even had. the goal for me now is to circulate/wear each piece
 at least once these coming months, before the next sort out/clean up.
well, here's a picture of my ring + the love's together, i hope that's somewhat sufficient, for now.
we're very different in terms of style...but i guess mine was just a spur of the moment-girly-thing.
this picture isn't doing either of the rings justice, though. 

i think i'm beginning to exhaust. so i may just be 15, and apparently it will get worse, but does anyone, anyone out there have some way to get to sleep?
some way to stay asleep?
i love my sleep, but my body won't let me have it. i wake up ooh, say 1-3 times on average, per night.
it's irritating.
and now spring has arrived with it's *lovely* pollen, and hay fever has come my way. 
i won't stop posting though, but this blog may stray a little from fashion for the time being...



Lily X said...

I love to sleep too! I dream of sleeping on a grassland, with the spring breeze hitting my cold feet. But oh wells, time to wake up for work. arghhh.

-marta said...

maybe try counting sheep? It's a super corny idea, but I swear it works :)

Nicola said...

I'm one of those that can never get up! Great blog, and I like your ring:) x

tiana said...

lucky! i love spring! were about to go into fall, and i am not too excited
and i love the ring, the cutout is so cute

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the comment :)
Love your blog also xx

Nav said...

love that ring! so cute!


Margaret said...

herbal tea :) unless you get migraines, in which case ban herbal tea for life.
stop work 2 hours before you go to bed and have a hot shower so you're all floppy and blergh.

Wingy said...

thanks for stopping by my blog ^^
your rings are so pretty, love it!
i have the same problem with sleeping .. try drinking some tea or something? or just listen to some music .. relax for a while - not that it really helps in my case, but it's worth a shot! ;p