Friday, November 5, 2010

sixteenth outfit post.

only now do i look at the number of outfit posts i've made, do i realise the lack of them.
[[i don't think that was grammatically correct]]

for you, today i braved the rain.
not really, i like the rain. that's what rainy days are for, going outside. of course!
hope you enjoy the photos, i haven't posted any of me for a while now.
at first i thought i might pull off something colourful. but upon realising i don't really own much colour, i went for something that very much suited the weather. event-approriate. 

1*blue knit by junk clothing
2*black draped cardi by russh clothing
3*khaki jeans from dad
4*black pumps by rmk
5*a bowler hat
6*vintage blue leather bag by oroton

 you know, it was raining while i posed for these pictures.

sorry about the serious desaturation. big fat no-no. especially since it was already kinda dark. 
nevertheless, happy weekend, all! 



VICTORIA said...

you have a lovely outfit! i dont know where you get your inspiration from but its working! oh and your shoes are the cutest!


-marta said...

cute hat!