Sunday, November 14, 2010

quick sketch.

hey all,
this is what i spent my primary hours of freedom doing. random sketching at 2 in the morning. lovely.
i don't know what it is. scanned, it doesn't have the same effect. so it may have been a 'quick sketch' but it still took me 10 minutes to do the repetitive detailing on the hill. was worth it though. it's still a bit rough around the edges.
think you can tell it's a landscape?
oh, and can someone pretty please link me/explain to me how the heck i can get this to look digital on photoshop?
hoping somebody can help. i'm thinking of setting up a 'question of the week' or something corny like that on the side of my page. we'll see.

we're drawing closer to my 100th post, comrades. i believe this is the 99th. watch this space, there'll soon be an awesome giveaway of some sort.
so now that it's 20 past 2 in the morning, i think i'm just going to head off to bed. may or may not get carpal tunnel syndrome from all those lines...


oh, and if you're wondering, yes, my primary medium is black ball point pen. blue is a hideous colour, no offence. actually, if you are offended. eh.

oh, and one more thing...

i'm free motherf*ckers!
that was uncalled for and extremely rude, but for another 7 or so months, i'm free! the strange feeling of liberation has gotten me ruder and perhaps cruder.
it may also be the ungodly hour.

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Mila said...

Great shots,great blog!