Sunday, November 7, 2010


my daria dvd box set arrived. yay. 
arrival of daria + math = procrastination.

so, look! these shoes are divine! and, they're from rubi shoes, and all at the same price point:
ok, so i was thinking, i haven't got any summer shoes. i think after this week of exams, i'm going to treat myself to both.. as in, the cream pair, and the black wedge-booties. they're so cute. and evidently wang inspired. so i'm thinking the top pair aren't that great now, and i'm set on the last two. to dig up my pocket money. i need $80...
i'm never one who just randomly thinks to splurge so randomly. but math cramming is making my thought pattern irrational. [[how ironic]]



Christine Lilwood said...

the second ones :D I think that is the best pair :D

AzaharaJS said...

good blog!


Pia said...

i love daria!

and really love the second pair of shoes! i'm a sucker for cork.

Delany said...

love the last pair!

Tiffany said...

Daria is the shit. You little hipster.

I love your blog!