Tuesday, November 9, 2010


a somewhat obscured image of my new pinstripe mid-waist shorts.
they were $49.95, and i used a gift card given to me to purchase them.
i decided it was whatever as soon as i walked into the certain department store...
unimpressed by the lack of effort given by the shop assistants, 
i gave up and just decided to not give a damn.
 i decided on a basic summer necessity. meh. i don't really give a damn when it comes to my clothes, basically because my wardrobe is free, anyway. leave me a comment if you want me to elaborate.


i'm all ears for pink floyd today. there's a certain aura around me today.


Anonymous said...

i love that you dont really give a crap about the clothes. thats exactly how I feel, Im not really a big trendsetter, I just try to have fun with my clothes and get the best out of them.
Cute site btw! Im following

Jana Reicy / Inefável said...

really really cute dear! I'm follow u!

allthatshewants said...

you have a great blog, very cute

Flashes of Style said...