Wednesday, November 3, 2010

'don't worry, it's a psychological test. you're automatically exempt.' - daria morgendorffer


right about now, my brain is telling me two things: 
1*rena, your life will hardly depend on whether you know this co-ordinate geometry or not
2*wow rena, you actually managed to study for 2 hours on co-ordinate geometry, which you will never need in any career you choose to pursue. 
oh, and maybe 3*rena, you are so cool, voicing your thoughts regarding co-ordinate geometry on your blog. 

there is a strange phenomenon occurring on my blog: i'm losing followers daily. luckily this doesn't bother me very much, and i'll still be concocting strange pop culture allusions and random thoughts
for you on a regular basis.

i can't wait until the end of next week. right now there's a huge surge in anticipation for my upcoming exams, and as i told my friend, still a 'huge vacuole of crap i'm not bothered to revise', but i know i really should. oh what garbage i'm rambling about.

however, exciting news! as some of you  may know, 'Daria', yes the 1997 MTV show, was released on dvd in may, earlier this year. well, teehee, i just ordered myself a set on ebay. 
that includes all 5 seasons, and the two movies. i'm so excited. 

oh yes, i found this picture off 'Children of the 90s', a kickass blog full of all you need to know about growing up in the 90's. if only i'd been born a few years earlier. enough to be able to appreciate radiohead from the beginning, or even the dandy warhols [[1993]].
and if you know me well enough another reason to love daria is the music involved: radiohead, my favourite silverchair song-'freak', splendora, blur, etc. 

anywho, save the 90's obsession for a rainy day [[oh wait - it is]]


*oh yeah, the reason i put a picture of jane rather than daria is for one very good reason: i am very much like her. not deadbeat enough to be completely expressionless, but i still wear a plain expression on my face on a day to day basis [[sad, yes? ehh]].
her room is cluttered with paints/drawings/sketches.
wanna check mine out?
on the contrary, rather than trying to allegorically fit my life with jane's,
i'm just going to sit here, and sulk, and pretend i'm as cool as her. [[i'll have to explain this - low self esteem - huge point in daria - hope all those daria fans out there got my point]]
but! in real life, i happen to constantly wear a cynical, questioning look on my face.
this is true because during my mid-exam 1 hour procrastination period today, [[oh which i spent the entire time cramming as much daria in as possible]], my own mother came in and took a look at my screen, after which she proceeded to comment casually 'that girl reminds me of you, especially the way you talk, and especially the way you talk to me.' luckily my parents are also rather oblivious...
hopefully you'll never have to meet me, then.

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pipmarshall said...

haha renziis you still watch daria!

xox pip