Wednesday, November 24, 2010

just so you know.

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i swear swear swear i'll find a good giveaway. with all the recent happening's i'm not exactly the party animal right now.

i sound bitter. so be it.


oh, and here's a repetitive, non-rhyming poem...

It doesn’t matter that the ground is cold,
It doesn’t matter that the ground is hard.
It matters that you can’t feel yourself,
Between the tears.

It’s when you lose yourself,
In all the confusion.
When you finally stop to ask yourself,

That moment, the one moment,
When what you thought would be warm arms to run into,
The moment it turns to dust and rubble.

The hour it hurts so much,
Is the hour you cry your heart out.
The hour you lie by yourself,
There’s silence.

The days you’ll waste,
Thinking about all those times.
The times you loved everything,
Without a single doubt.

The weeks it’ll take,
The weeks you know it will take,
For just some of the pain to dull,
For your pillow to stop wiping away your tears.

The time it’ll take,
For you to stop crying yourself to sleep.
The time it’ll take,
For your battered heart to pick itself up.

i don't know what to call it...
any ideas? this is usually my saying 'hey, it rhymes, i'm a lyrical genius'
but sometimes in life there is no rhyme, and no reason. so for no reason i made this poem  unrhyming. take that, word, i'm just going to add my own vocab.
gah, this blog is just turning into some depressed chick who listens to random music's place of whining. a whinehouse. [[harharharharhar...]] i'll pick myself back up soon. i think.

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