Wednesday, November 10, 2010


photo by my best friend, catherine, while we were on camp.

today i’m not ready to take on responsibility.
 for once just let it go. 
i’m not ready for the confines of being grown up. 
so for now just let me be so. 

just a little something i made and posted on tumblr a few minutes ago. [[sad, this conformity, i know]]
the truth is, that. that is the truth. 
i wake up thinking one day, maybe, i'll just realise the importance of some things. maybe i'll just start to understand why. what you don't realise, is that i already do, and have, for along time.
it's because other times, i can't do anything but choose not to care. and only when i step back do to take a look do i realise the sheer stupidity of some of my actions. 
but maybe it hit me today when i was on the phone and my younger sister told me to get off. funny thing is, i haven't used the phone for a long time. even funnier is how i so easily let my little sister trample over my emotions and ruin my day. far out. she told me to take some responsibility, to grow up, and take some of  the stress off of my mom's shoulders. and if i were as mature as she is, i probably would have listened. but i'm still awake despite everything, even though i know i have my english, as well as my latin exam tomorrow. that's right, latin.
eugepae! [[hurray]]
i'm going to write a history practice essay tomorrow night. i haven't done anything. this feels bad. crap. 
it's like i just had an epiphany amidst writing this. 


i hope you've realised the irony of the picture i've used today: simply because it seems to have no confines, contradictory to my subject matter... i had my art exam today. never thought i'd be writing so much in the short little hour that it was.

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