Monday, November 8, 2010

thuper kewte.

yes, the point of the title was to think i was using a naive voice to say 'thuper kewte'
totoro + my new sockles. super cool.
so i did my maths exam today. no looking back, just that i know i got a bad mark. not to be pessimistic or anything...

2*old money-hungry kids of hungary [[going to see them this friday, i think]]
3*la mer-francoise hardy [[with much love from my friend, dehlia]]
4*moonshadow-cat stevens
5*seventeen-JET [[bit mainstream for me? no, they're awesome Australian talent]]

toodles, and happy week to all.

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Wingy said...

totorooooo! haha one of my fav movies! :D

ana said...

Thanks for your comment,I´ll follow you.
I love your blog.
Kisses from Spain