Sunday, November 21, 2010

deal with it.

photo by my best friend, catherine, while we were on camp. again.
oh, and what could this be?
another lost cause, perhaps even a completely stupid one.
i'm just a teenager. but just because i'm a teenager, it doesn't mean that i don't have feelings. in the best way to say this, i have feelings, i just don't know how to deal with them properly. yet. 
so looking at that, you can probably guess what's going on, right?
for those who laugh, or those who dismiss lost cases of teenage love, either you've forgotten how much it seemed to hurt when it happened to you, or you've never felt it.
what feeling? when it's tearing at you from the inside, and you can't save yourself. 
when he gives you the world's most recycled reason. 
when you're completely alone, and the only thing you want is a hug. from him. 
it's so close, but it's so far away. in your mind you know the impossibility it is.
the worst thing is, we're both just confused. couldn't it have waited? patience?
ironically, i'll probably look back on this and laugh. a lot. but there's a side of me that will never forget, unless i become an amnesiac. 

and your friends tell you it's not the end of the world. 
you tell them you know it's not, but who are you trying to convince?
and even more importantly, what are you going to do when for half a year, he was your world?


lucky for me, time's healing these wounds fast, and i'm already starting to resuscitate myself, sensibly.
there's nothing else i can do. 


missindependent said...

i like it! i'm following you!
follow me? ;)

minna ♥ said...

Oh goodness, dear. I feel every word, really I do. I wish I could comfort you, but I think all I can say is that time (and good books) really is the best healer. I hope your heart feels better soon <3