Wednesday, July 28, 2010

seriously, take it off.

this is probably old news, but today i saw a picture of kesha plastered up by the school radio room, wearing a death to the pixies shirt. so, instead of being angry right then and there [[which i was, anyway]], i decided to leave myself a mental note to look further into it.
 turns out she also cropped it into a tank. does this mean i can't wear my death to the pixies shirt without making some connotation of trying to be kesha-esque? turns out while visiting a little beach not far from where i live, it's not actually little, it's bondi beach, and it was in march, kesha managed to come up with the atrocity of wearing an obviously customised pixies shirt [[which i don't really mind]] over some dreadful swimwear. 
and truthfully, it's not that at all. it's the fact that kesha's music takes absolutely no stylistic influences whatsoever from the pixies. so whether she actually listens to them or not, it wouldn't matter, because she's currently scarring the world with the music she makes. [[this is solely subjective, please take no offence, i know she's pretty famous at the moment]]
yes, i'm a die hard alternative fan. honestly, if i see her wearing a radiohead tee shirt, or nirvana, or floyd, i will be seriously, seriously annoyed. confronting pictures, no? not a very pretty sight... you don't say. i wish wish wish a wave of mutilation came by to wash her away, or even that a monkey could take her to heaven. anything. and yes, i agree, what was ironic, has now become seriously literal. 

xx rena.

photos found on zimbio via google search.


wobblinbetty said...

I love the tee she's wearing!!

wobblinbetty said...

Sorry, I need to correct myself
I didn't see the "death to" part of the tee...

Katjusha sleepless in Berlin said...

well the tee is ok with a shorts but maybe she feels ashamed of her belly?! :o dunno... but i like to get a tan thats why i would never wear a shirt while swimming.


jess needs a new face said...

haha, i would definitely worry about the same thing if i had that shirt. i'd probably then be accused of being a pretentious hipster... haha!

The Perpetrator said...

she kinda looks like john travolta in these pics. thanks for visiting. awesome blog you have here!

Anything but Bland said...

oh wow I love your jeans in the below pictures! hahaha thanks for the awesome comment! I think you love cats like I do! And my studying is finally over until August 23rd! thank goodness! happy blogging for the next couple weeks! ♥

love, the littlest polly (your new follower)

cookie said...

thanks for stopping by.
about your question... I wouldn't change a single thing, your blog is great!


Shelby said...

she is probably just wearing a pixies shirt because the pixies sing about incest and other messed up stuff and her "image" is to be weird and crazy. i bet she has never even listened to them. her record exec probably told her to wear it! my bf has that same shirt, i should tell him to crop it too!

Anonymous said...

despite the pixie tee, she makes it looks very cool... must try for swimwear! :) thanks for sharing

Castor Pollux