Monday, July 26, 2010

it gives me something to work with.

i just realised how great photography is. i mean, it gives you something to work with when it comes to blogging, and keeps everything interesting. well, that's how it seems with me anyway! and i hope it does. 
it was my friend dehlia's party yesterday, and though she isn't jewish, one of our friends brought a babka because my best friend catherine [[who is asian]] wanted one there.. just a dose of daily randomness for you there.
so as you all know, i went and saw inception yesterday, and while i was out and about i managed to get some happy snaps! not to mention i had to sit in the hair salon listening to three of my guy friends complain about their acne.. oh joy. [[no, i didn't get a haircut, well, i did actually, but that was 3 weeks ago]]

tom's hair..
do you see it? it's a floydywoydy shirt! amazing! and he was tapping out some awesome beats on that box of his! (:

xx rena.


Veren Lee said...

lovee your blog and the photos are great there!

Anna Katrina said...

omg i love these photos!

stop by sometime<3

DonnaRomina said...

aw thanks<3
yes, you MUST see it, really *-*

that girl lucy said...

actually really love these shots, espec the last one <3