Friday, July 2, 2010

first blog award.

hey guys! yay me! [[london tipton, bahahaha]]. well i just received a blog award, my very first, from margaret of 

so the blog rules are i have to list 3 things i like about myself, and pass it onto 5 other sweet bloggers.


1*my envolvement in music
2*my love for art
3*my crazy family.

my favourite picture is...

strange? i guess so. it probably isn't my favourite favourite favourite, but it's pretty good for now.

and the award goes to..

1*sammie at she like menagerie
4*isabelle at bohemian musings
5*miss misery at bonjour miss skinny


-marta said...

congrats on the award :)

Zuzia said...

congratulations! :)
great picture.

Sara Lynn said...

Awesome picture! I love your little quote under your header too :)

Jes said...

Thanks hun xx


the light of that photo is killer! and of course the oufit;)