Thursday, July 8, 2010

second blog award.

hey guys,
so i just found out [[from reading my comments a couple of days late]] that i've received a blog award from zuzia at . yay!
so here are some other blogs i've discovered.. check them out guys!
[[i've also realised how drab my post title always looks when i list stuff, like 'third outfit post', not very enticing is it? well.. a couple of times i've been tempted to change my referencing system, so should i let it stick? being me i'd change them all if i wanted to change one..]]

so this blog award's rules are..
1*Post the award on your blog

2*Link the person who has given you the award

3*Pass the award to other 15 blogs you've discovered

4*Let these 15 people know that you've given them an award
1* [[seriously loving the new post on denim]]
5* [[absolutely obsessed with this blog]]
6* [[found out there was such thing as 'house of rena' from this blog, which is totally awesome!]]

so if you're interested, clickety click on the links!

how's everyone's weeks coming along? rejoicing that friday is arriving tomorrow?
the holidays are flying by way too fast. ways to stop time anybody?
sorry i haven't posted any outfits post lately, but just you guys watch, my birthday's just around the corner, and i can tell you now, i'm dying of excitement for the arrival of something very special. [[and hopefully a giveaway]]  so watch. this. space. guys!

xx rena.


The Fashion Lovers said...

amazing blogs :)))

Boho Glamour said...

thanks for your comments! fierce blog you've got here :)

cara mia ♥

Meho M said...

awww you're a sweetheart. Thank you <3

Meho xx said...

the solar eclipse tomorrow is for you Miss Cancer