Thursday, July 15, 2010

fifth outfit post.

hey guys!
i'm finally 15 today! but that really doesn't make me feel any more eligible for anything, really. ma15+ movies? i've been watching those for a while...
anyways, i decided i just had to do an outfit post for the birthday. however, it didn't really turn out although in reality the outfit looks really cool [[i think]] [[no more wiser, i think, too...]] i feel like a thief in the night... although a real one wouldn't be layering their clothes. 
as long as this computer holds up it'll be alright.


you know, i only got two shots, even the camera decided it'd turn against me on my own birthay. oh well.
i'm wearing...
1*singlet by sparkle+fade
2*cut out top by subtitled
3*mesh insert tights by Junk Clothing 
4*oversized cardi by agent 99
5*biker vest by agent 99
6*ring available at mirage boutiques
[[i was wearing black heels, i didn't particularly like them anyway]]
hope you guys enjoyed that! [[not too sure about the day though, it was a bit meh]]

xx rena.

ugh.. even the pictures turned out crappy res. great.

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issye margaretha kamal said...

damn ! i heart your biker's cool ! wow

the indigo juveniles said...

happy birthday!
marvelous pictures