Tuesday, July 27, 2010

ninth outfit post.

i'm wearing...

1*russh geometric mesh top
2*junk cut out jeans
3*rmk black pumps 
4*glove from dangerfield
5*bracelet given to me by a friend

so i got bored, and decided that oh, since i've so dutifully finished my english and maths homework, i may as well take some shots. the camera wasn't being nice to me... but nonetheless, here we go. i originally had an outfit on with pigtails/pink floyd shirt/shorts, but i decided to save it, since the shoes my daddy got me haven't arrived yet, i know what they are, so i'm quite the excited one for that.
sorry about the shotty last photo, as mentioned previously, the camera wasn't being nice to me!
excited for what dad's sent me? you'll see, soon enough (:

xx rena.


Margaret said...

i'm om nom nomming those jeans, missy! xx

q u i r k y s o u l s said...

Hello dear, thanks for following my blog. I’m now following you and loving your style!


Indigo said...

Thanks for the comment. I've just started editing text into my photographs! Lovely jeans! XX

Zuzia said...

great outfit! love this jeans so much.


Gracie said...

Love those jeans and those shoes are ammaaazzzing

jess needs a new face said...

i love those jeans. i dont understand though how all these sydneysiders are posting outfits in which they are dressed in clothes that are totally incongruous with the weather right now. explain.

Charlotte said...

You are incredibly pretty. And I love your style.
Thanks for watching my blog. Would be glad i you`d follow it.