Saturday, July 17, 2010

sixth outfit post.

someone told me hair's fab. it really is.
the light was slowly disappearing... and all the ones in the light had lots of noise... so i didn't use them.

loving the shadow play here.
my hair is actually dark brown... looks red here.

i wore...
1*batwing with message top
2*high waisted skirt from dad
3*ivory necklace
4*lace up boots-birthday present from some friends.

solid effort? i'm finally managing with my outfit posts. and ironically, school starts again next week!

xx rena.


maria said...

really like this outfit ... :)))

maria ^^

Sofie said...

Great photos and outfit. You're so lucky you can pull off the closeup shot so incredibly well! I'm so jealous~~
I'm really liking your blog, thanks for visiting mine & I followed you back :)


your hair is so lovely :) yeah, mine's a really dark brown and slightly gold and red in the sunlight! i love those shoes of yours ♥