Saturday, July 31, 2010

last day of july.

hey guys,

so today i saw two boys and a box again, and this time the guitarist/singer was wearing a ramones shirt. [[last time the boy on the box was wearing a pink floyd shirt]]. they are my local idols.

mother suspiciously: what are those bottles?
me: ch'i
mother: they're not alcohol, are they?
me: no mom, it's a herbal drink
mother: i'm more worried about that than alcohol...
don't judge me, the drink is yummy. and plus it's not like overload on it...or do i?

listen to...

1*white bitz-alien space bats australian band, they're very radiohead-ish
2*never better-the frail marys 
3*golden fields-the founds
4*ava adore-smashing pumpkins
5*my iron long-radiohead

happy weekend!

xx rena.

*edit: i'm currently watching the rugby, and getting SERIOUSLY confused. somebody explain, please?


Above-AverageGirl said...

nice photos ! I love Australia ! I promise I will watch your blog ;* !

The Perpetrator said...

haha you're mom is too cute! i really wanna try that drink! my iron lung is love <3

Anonymous said...

Ch'i ... What does it taste like?
I never saw anything like this before..