Tuesday, July 20, 2010

the night lives on.

[[i've never been more petrified of falling-because it would've been onto sandstone]]

hey guys,
it was my best friend + i's birthday party on the weekend! so i was super busy! it was amazing, [[i think]], but straightedge. how'd we manage that?
concentration...elimination...life's great when you're only 15.
[[don't you love dehlia's braid? [[red jumper]], her hair's the perfect texture for it]]

ahh well... i have 700 photos [[exactly, how weird is that?]], which in turn equal to about 700 memories. enjoy! [[i didn't wear anything flash, just my ivory necklace/flannel/leggings]]
why yes, dehlia is holding her polaroid

i love the birthday cake one! [[i took it, nice setting, isn't it? i think it was a good choice, at least]] that cheesecake was delectable.
hope you enjoyed that!
[[this is why my hair looks better up]]
xx rena.


Vanessa Mala said...

love the cake photo!
****droool- now I want cheesecake!

Margaret said...

hope you had the greatest weekend ever, lovely :)