Monday, July 12, 2010

a little closer to home.

so today i decided to give you all another piece of inspiration. this time from an iconic artist a little closer to home, bruno dutot [[b. 1962]]

in fact in 1993, when dutot was sent back to france, for 7 years unknown artists maintained oucha and added their own stories and poems to her. 
commuters often look out for the ever-changing oucha and her cat, mystified.
dutot does his work silently in the night. did i mention he has a studio nearby as well? her beautiful outfits especially at festive times like new years often brings a message out to everyone.

feeling inspired? i love his work. looking out for changes!
[[that reminds me, i need to tell you all about the Boys Like Girls concert last night! i'm still in so much pain from the mosh pit]]

xx rena.

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