Monday, July 5, 2010

the epitome of eccentricity.

hey guys,

i'm heaps sorry for not posting for just about ages, it seems the cold *snap* has hit sydney-siders hard and especially me, as i've chosen simply to roll up in a ball and hibernate in my sheets, under fatty jumpers and copious amounts of heating. [[not really, i've barely been using heating at all, save the electric blankets at times]]. anywho, the post title is actually referring to the wonderful salvador dali, [[1904-1989]], who has inspired me since the tender age of.. not really tender 10. i must admit i do prefer surrealism to some other traditional forms of art, and dali one of its most prominent contributors.
one day i hope to dream in the world of melting clocks and travel to the land of persistent memory..
oh yes, and not to mention way back in year 6 we did study salvador dali as part of the art program, however the artwork is long lost somewhere, due to it's participation in a traveling art show amongst some of the schools in the area..i swear it's the art teacher who took us that year..evil..hmm..

pictures off google

inspired? i am. hope you guys are too!

xx rena.


Zuzia said...

hey! check out my blog, you got an award!

btw I love Salvador Dali :)

courtney and brigitte said...

oh my gosh! i was going to do a post on surrealism.. although i like Max Ernst more.

xxx Brigitte

Nate Crime said...

oh yeah I love salvador dali ! The first painting is my favourite. Hope you'll get some sun soon :)


I just discovered your blog and I really love it, great post thanks for sharing!

xx fesi-fashion

little moon lover said...

I once wrote a post about time and how surreal it is.. I compared it with that wonderful painting by Dali, (the first one on your pictures here).. I love surrealism.. Dali is definitely one of my favorite painters.. have you seen the work of Chagall?.. he's great too!
Thanks for stopping by on my blog.. I'll be checking up yours too.. take care!

Vicky said...

oh... we had this theme in school ... since this lesson I hate surrealism ;D
fuckin school >.<