Sunday, July 18, 2010

seventh outfit post. [[and giveaway winner!]]


so first of all, the winner of my giveaway is...

belle of being belle!

and to celebrate, here's another outfit post. very solid effort. it's also because i decided i couldn't miss out on the warm afternoon sun. it's been ages since it's been remotely warm. very happy about the sun coming in!

i decided to do a bit of play with the sheer fabric against my  front door...

i'm wearing...

1*pete collection white tank
2*poet shirt by russh clothing
3*generic leggings
4*tony bianco nemesis wedges 

yes yes yes! i got the shoes! thanks to my best friend Joanne! turns out the birthday was alright after all! [[went to dinner with her last night]]

anyways, enjoy, and congratulations again to Belle!

xx rena.


jess needs a new face said...

gorgeous outfit and photos! like your door as well :)

Carmen said...

what a nice outfit!!
really like it!
love your shoes.

Check out my blog;


Anonymous said...

i love your outfitt :D

Blicious said...

love your outfit!! your booties are amazing!'


Vanessa Mala said...

dang it I missed the giveaway!

What a cutie! Love the outfit.