Saturday, July 24, 2010

feiyue. tone down. [[beware: rant ahead]]

don't tell me they're mens shoes, i know, but i still love them. feiyue, sounds asian, but they come from france! 
 i cannot fathom how comfortable these look, and they even have the same roots as me - shanghai! that makes me happy, and it's also an incentive to get a pair.
[[honestly, i'm 15, if i don't feel fabulous i'm not going to pull of a fabulous outfit, because frankly, i don't have to]] 
if you knew me in real life, and please don't judge, you probably would've seen me in something like a flannel, a tee shirt, green jeans, and my converse, which i live in. [[but only once, people know me as the one who will never wear the same thing twice]] which is why i think a pair of these would make my outfit so much more unique. with skinny jeans. i just think that a nice pair of sneakers would do me good, i'm not the type to strut around in heels all the time. 
don't get me wrong, it's not as though i don't enjoy dressing up fabulously, but i do want to show youngsters around me it's easy to pull off a good outfit. which is probably why, from now on, i'll just focus on streetwear. or maybe this is just one of those days where i have an idea, yet it doesn't materialise. either way, i'm a rocker at heart. 
this is probably just a long ramble, i'm just saying, there are days where i'm sure everyone just pulls on something simple. [[it's probably because i'm 15, i don't understand the concept of heels all day, after all, i am stuck in a school uniform 5 days a week]]

any sydney siders know where to get these? i'll be scoping.. and sit here wishing teenagers where i live would be more selective with what they wear. 

xx rena.

p.s. i'm not saying i condone the cropped tea/sweat pant/ugg boot or raben look either, ew. 


Gem said...

Love your blog :)

Zabrinah said...

I love them! I wouldn't even think they're men's shoes. I see why you love them too!


Best wishes from one blogger to another,