Friday, August 27, 2010

typography my love.

if it hasn't made clear enough, i'm a typography fanatic. what is typography you ask? well, it's literally type design. fonts. my favourite being helvetica neue ultralight.. anywho. i felt like sharing this video, look closely. i'm enjoying the smooth sounds, too.



pipmarshall said...

i'm actually loving the music

xo pip

Daiane said...

how cool is that? my fave is also helvetica neue ultralight!


Rosenrot said...

Ah, I used to study typography back in design school. I have to admit it wasn't one of my best subjects.

eve-rei said...

Typography is pretty kick ass, brilliant choice of video by the way. I am in love with your blog! Especially your header, its just really lovely. I'm a'following!


heleen said...

This is so cleverly done! Mesmerizing video...

aurora. said...

cool video!
also im a giant fan of fonts and type design too
awesome blog :)

Jennifer and Sherry said...

what an awesome video! my friend is a HUGEEE typography fan! i'm gonna send this video to her :)

Jennifer & Sherry