Sunday, August 15, 2010

art camp, day 2.

here are some more pretty photos from art camp...
1*dehlia under a tree with her lomo fisheye
2*a closer picture of dehlia under the tree
3*the tree [[the flowers were actually red, but my setting made them magenta]]
4*dehlia under the sun, playing with cherry's D80 [[nikon]]
5*my painting pants with salvador + pablo
6*my hand after painting
7*dehlia while i was lying down
8*edwina and her vintage fox fur hat
9*edwina with her vintage fox fur hat while i was lying down

[[all original photography]]

hope you enjoy!

xx rena.

oh, and another piece of news. after a major row with my mother, during which she cited her distrust in me, due to my internet use [[social networking sites, wasting time, losing concentration for my studies]] it was decided [[by her]] that i was to delete my facebook. despite having thought i might have liked to keep it, i didn't want to. it was a waste of my time completely, and frankly i just didn't find the need to know about everyone's personal lives [[which have been poured onto facebook]], anyway. so goodbye to facebook, yay! and hello to more time! [[she also told me to delete my blogs, but i refused adamantly, of course]] i feel this strange release now... 


The Perpetrator said...

BEAUTIFUL! i love the mood of these photos :) love love love

i hope you get to keep your blog.

Jessica said...

great photos lovely :)

Oana Roxana said...

I'm amused by my own reactions. I was like:oh,beautiful,wow,wooow!
It's a good thing my thoughts are not loud. ;))