Tuesday, August 10, 2010

listen up.

1*the static age-green day
2*little pinks or blues-fergus brown
3*i just wanna live-good charlotte
4*lounge act-nirvana
5*brain damage-pink floyd.

i'm thinking this is a pretty damn good mix of new, old, heavy, and softer stuff. 
i got tumblr today. if you have it, follow me! i feel really conforming though, which sucks. there are like, 6,000,000 + people using tumblr. it's overrated. well, there are probably more people on blogger, but still. everyone's got a blog nowadays. it's the "cool thing" to do. 
[[i got tumblr for one good reason: it's not blocked like blogger is at school, otherwise, i really don't know why. out of boredom, perhaps. google bloggers, we're so much cooler]]
i'm on art camp tomorrow, but i'm considering bringing the laptop with me. so who knows! 
you know what, i'll do it.
visit the tumblr if you dare. crap. since when was blogging conforming? since tumblr came along. 
i really don't know how to feel about it.. it's great and all that everyone seems to enjoy it.. but it used to be different. 
wait, this post is totally redundant, isn't it? darnit.
[[the hilarious thing is, i did have a ranty-type blog last year, when i just turned 14, even then i recommended music in sets of 5's! crazy, huh? i've forgotten the password though.. shame]]
check it out here, made me laugh. 

xx rena.


claudia's curious said...

blogs are awesome, don't diss them. isn't that why you got one anyways?

the moonchild said...

haha, please don't feel offended! (: i was just commenting on the rapidly growing blogger population, which in itself is a very good thing. i'm just saying, it's becoming cliche. soon though, everyone will find a new thing to do.

Victoria Grout said...

ooh i like your tumblr, i just followed it! maybe you could follow mine? http://www.theboyschewlego.tumblr.com