Saturday, August 7, 2010


1*oversized ring from mirage boutique
2*the same old gold bangles
3*my scarf and chambray shirt, with the pretty lighting coming through
4*the lighthouse keeper's cottage
5*-7*the novelty lighthouse. though it is an actual lighthouse, it's just cool, and looks like it belongs to a circus. wish it was on a t-shirt. oh yay! new fun dyi project right there
8*the ocean
so this morning after missing the love's rugby game i went on a nice walk with his family and then had lunch later on... we went to a nice touristic walk near my house, which brought back some old memories. decided that i just had to take a few photos of the novelty lighthouse... and the lightkeeper's cottage. 
and this is the ocean (:

picturesque, no?
i spent a good twenty minutes of my life i may never get back taking pictures of the tourists near my bus stop. i guess i was being nice but it was probably because i had my baby [[canon 550D]] with me. ahh well. [[and no, i don't know what's with the little black spot in the corner of my photos, but i have attempted to do something about it, and i've spent the last ten minutes cleaning my lens and lens filter]]
enjoyed today muchly.
how's everybody's weekends?

xx rena.

all these photos are taken by me. if you wish to repost, please notify me. (:


Anonymous said...

cool pics!

issye margaretha kamal said...

wow ! what a cool picture, and a very nice day

Anonymous said...

terrific pics! how i wish i lived by the sea!

E+A said...

how lovely! I also think your scarf is adorable!!!

caits said...

love the lighthouse! cute photos.x