Wednesday, August 4, 2010

tenth outfit post.

hey guys,
so here's the outfit post as promised! 
i'm wearing...
1*black auroville knit from the markets
2*grey shirt by zara basic
3*generic black tights
4*rubi shoes knee high socks
5*monochrome converse/leather upper [[the present from dad!]]
6*random black and gold bangles from over the years
7*thrifted necklace
new acquirements make me happy.
sorry about the first photo, the post was kind of rushed. some maths competition tomorrow, and i haven't even practised piano... but i guess this was a break from other work. that other work i should've been doing. 

how's everyone's week?

xx rena.


Mimi said...

Hello lovely!

I adore your outfit, the accessories are fab and I love the converse!


Anonymous said...

that is such a perfect sweater. i would probably wear something scandalous under it because it's partly see through, but that is just because i have an obsession for lingerie and usually the public doesn't get to see it

Sofie said...

I really like the black knit top! I saw one like that by Cheap Monday but could only find it available in a sandy colour.
Your layout and (new, right?) header is lovely. Is that Helvetica Neue Ultralight (one of my all time favourite fonts)? And what's the name of the 3rd font? It's awesome... :)

tiana said...

i love the top!