Monday, August 2, 2010

gig: Washington

hey guys,

so after school today, one of my best friends claudia and i took a trip into the city to go see [[Megan]] Washington at Red Eye Records [[one of my favourite places in town]]. One word: fantabulous. it's all because she was so down to earth, so damn talented, creative, and that she swore. it was an indie, not so straightedge gig. kinda. don't you love the hair and glasses?

her last comments made me laugh and love her all the more. 
quote, something along the lines of...
"thanks for the support guys. without red eye record's and other indie music shops like them's support we'd all be fucked, us them, everyone, we'd all be fucked."
of course i bought her debut CD [[I Believe You Liar]], and was the first in line to get it signed which made me feel pretty damn special, but sadly i didn't get a photo with her! ahhh well. not to mention xylophone man was pretty damn epic himself.
so guys, head on over to Washington's myspace, or website, and support her! [[because she's crazy cool]] enjoy the pictures! she's got this freedom to her. awesomeness. and she plays piano. yay!
yes. this is a pocket. a pocket on a pole. a pole pocket. and in that pocket is a one dollar. that we put there.

we also found a man handing out ads for the nearby gym. claudia then proceeded to exclaim...
"i don't want this... do i look fat to you?" in a dejected voice. pure awesomeness.

anyways, happy monday! it's that -ugh it's school but i'll try to try- feeling.

remind me, i need to get an outfit post up! i feel so lazy.. the weather outside is just bleugh. bleugh rain. [[though i like the rain]], bleugh wind, bleugh cold. i'm very ranty-annoying today. it's all good!

xx rena.


KcomeKarolina said...

great post...btw i love her glasses:P
thank you for passing by and leaving your sweet comment! hope you will come back soon!

suzy said...

mmm, i love live music! :)

Indigo said...

cute! I go to gigs a lot but never post about them! I really should!! XX

Patricia B said...

heyy, sweet blog you got here!
have a nice day

Lais B.X said...

Thanks for the visit;)